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In Moscow HTS SFCL Stops the Fault Current in One Millisecond

The official opening of the first production of the superconductive fault current limiting devices was held. The head of the Industrial Development Fund Petruta Roman, representatives of the «United Energy Company», industrial partners of SuperOx, representatives of the Media took part in the program of the press tour. The device is able to stop a fault current less than in a second in abnormal situations: for example, when lightning strikes, breakdown of high-voltage insulation, damage to the cable. The project worth 1.7 billion rubles was implemented in the Moscow technopark "Slava" with a loan from the Industrial Development Fund. "In the world there are no more than ten companies producing similar devices. When the Expert Council of the IDF in 2016 decided to encourage the loan of 500 million rubles, we understood that we support the Russian company which is a member of the club of the world's strongest producers of superconductive equipment for electricity. Today, opening up the advanced production, we see that our support has given excellent results», said Roman Petruta, Chief of the IDF.