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SuperOx at the Technical Exhibition of CIGRE 2018

From 26 to 31 of August 2018, the Palais des Congrès in Paris will host the largest world event in the field of electricity - the 47th session of CIGRE. The Russian delegation will be represented at the collective stand of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE. SuperOx will present a unique solution for the electric power industry: HTS fault current limiting device developed on the basis of the company's key product - high-temperature superconducting wire of the second generation. Innovative equipment allows: to increase the amount of electric power generation, to reduce the damage to electric networks, to increase the service life of existing equipment, to ensure the lowest level of losses in the power grid and to improve the quality of power supply. The program of the CIGRE 2018 Conference is available at: The CIGRE Technical Exhibition is organized on a regular basis since 1994.