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Open Innovations forum 2018

From October 15 to October 17, the International forum "Open Innovations" was held in Moscow.

SuperOx took part in business program of the forum. Within three days of the exhibition more than 15 000 of guests of the Skolkovo Technopark had the opportunity to learn about the prospects for using HTS technologies. Devices based on high-temperature superconductors is the future of energy and engineering.

On the final day of the forum, SuperOx representatives took part in two events of the business program.

Technical Director of CJSC SuperOx, Alexander Molodyk took part in the session “New materials: quality and economics of products”. New materials can create competitive advantages and change the entire system of standards, as one new structural element with radically new properties entails a cascade of changes in the industry. At the session, several issues were raised: what prospects do new materials open from a business point of view? How does this change individual processes and industries, the possibility of using new materials. SuperOx shared it’s success story with participants of the discussion.

Also, for the first time, a large-scale pitch-session of the projects from the National Technology Initiative "We are from NTI" was held for the first time at the Open Innovations Forum with the support of RVC. SuperOx has become one of the winners in the TechNet track.