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Two superconducting fault current limiters are to be installed in Moscow high voltage grid by the end of 2022

Moscow, October 14th, 2020 SuperOx company announces that in cooperation with an engineering company Digital Substation LLC it has won a bid to design two 220 kV superconducting fault current limiters (SFCL) for Moscow- owned electric utility company UNECO. It is anticipated, that the engineering design stage will be completed by mid-2021 and civil engineering will take another year.

SuperOx is a world leader in construction of high voltage power equipment based on high temperature superconductors. City of Moscow pioneers the use of disrupting superconducting technology in its electric power network since 2019, when the first SuperOx 220 kV SFCL was commissioned at UNECO substation. Today, it is the most powerful device of this type in the world. By now, the superconducting device has transmitted over 80 million kWh and has repeatedly confirmed its design characteristics including limitation of three faults. After 1 year of operation, it continues to provide power to roughly half a million of consumers.

A pair of new SFCLs will increase capacity of highly loaded urban network in the southeast region of Moscow. High level of fault currents limits grid availability and throughput. SFCL technology effectively solves this problem leading to a more reliable power supply. Two SFCL devices are a part of Moscow grid development plan, which assumes the use of SFCLs to increase connectivity of Moscow high voltage grid and to support building modern and redundant city power network.
Founded in 2006, SuperOx is a privately held technology group, developing high temperature superconductor (HTS) materials and equipment. Being far more efficient than existing counterparts, FITS equipment is best suited to disrupt electric power industry, transportation and medicine.

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Provisional render of substation with two 220 kV SFCL devices.
Overhead lines and cryocooling equipment are hidden for clarity .