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High-temperature superconductors (HTS) provide unparalleled opportunities to increase performance of magnet equipment used in magnetic resonance imaging and fusion technologies. As a result demand for high field magnet equipment became a leading driver for HTS market. Recent applications require magnet fields exceeding 20 T which are basically available only with HTS. SuperOx possesses a complete manufacturing line for such high field magnets, ranging between engineering bespoke solutions, production, installation and servicing.

HTS creates industry-transforming opportunities for high field applications.

HTS electromagnet for space thruster

SuperOx has developed, manufactured and successfully tested an HTS electromagnet with a variable magnetic field profile for electric propulsion space thruster prototype. Very high values of efficiency, specific impulse, thrust and power were achieved.

With a mass of only 25% of its conventional counterpart, HTS magnet consumes 20 times less power to operate. State-of-the-art HTS technology contributed to the thrust and specific impulse increase by 300%, while improving efficiency by 700%.

Magnetic field


Internal diameter

120 mm

Number of magnet sections


Electromagnet weight

9 kg

Power consumption

50 W

Operation temperature

77 K